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Battle of Midway

Published 1942

Made in 1942 and shot in color, "The Battle of Midway" is John Ford's masterpiece of documentary filmmaking. Featuring voice overs by Donald Crisp, Henry Fonda, and Jane Darwell, the film includes material shot by Ford himself during the Japanese bombardment of Midway.

John Ford's handheld, 16mm footage of the battle was captured totally impromptu. He had been in transit on the island, roused from his bunk by the sounds of the battle, picked up his camera and began shooting. Ford was wounded by shrapnel from a Japanese bomb while filming. Featured in the film are many things of note, including operations of PBY Catalina flying boats as scout aircraft and to recover downed pilots, shots of the B-17s which operated off Midway during the battle, and the assault on Midway itself. At sea, the film shows the American aircraft carrier forces conducting flight operations and defending against Japanese aircraft. It also features precious footage of USS Hornet's Torpedo 8, which was decimated in the battle. Only one crewman, Ensign George Gay, survived the day.

Run time 18 minutes 28 seconds
Producer U.S. Navy
Audio/Visual sound, color
Language English


Reviewer: RBarrett - - June 27, 2013
Subject: Small size
This is a review of the Quicktime file. The video is 320 by 240 so pretty small. There is burned in time code. I think over all there are better version out there. The highest quality version is the 3.8 GB MKV version that is in the collections, too.